Friday 30 December 2016

So Long...

Seven years, six European cities and over 350 posts about design, architecture and creativity. I Like Local has provided an amazing opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of the designed world and its importance and to share my thoughts with a small but perfectly formed audience of readers all over the world. But now it's time to move on, and so this is the last post on I Like Local.

If you've visited before, many thanks for stopping by and reading, sharing, commenting and emailing. If this is your first time here, enjoy the 350+ thoughts, lists, interviews, reviews, arguments, reflections and snapshots of design in certain times and certain places. Head over to my website to find out what I'm up to now and sign up to the mailing list for an occasional update on current and upcoming projects in Ireland and elsewhere.

All the best

Monday 1 August 2016

Best of Year #7

Another year, another move, another one planned (last one, I swear) and a host of posts on I Like Local! I left the busyness of London behind in September to come and spend some time in design-savvy Denmark, and in that time I have been sharing my Copenhagen discoveries here, in the Irish Times and in other publications. I've also launched a brand new design festival that will hit Copenhagen in a couple of weeks, made great friends, eaten fancy food and ridden on almost everything in Tivoli. And while it's been AMAZING to live here in Copenhagen, it's finally time to go home to Ireland, so once the festival's done I'll be packing my bags and heading back to Dublin. There will be a few final things to discover and share here in DK, so stay tuned, and take a look below for some of the highlights since I got here.

Thursday 28 July 2016

Design in Dublin #4: The Lifeline

Benchmark on Sitric Road, image by Kaethe Burt-O'Dea

Here we are! The fourth and final part of my Design in Dublin series, published in full in Iterations issue 3. Enjoy the last of the series, which looks at Kaethe Burt-O'Dea's work on the Lifeline and other projects as examples of citizen design, and read back on parts #1, #2 and #3 if you haven't already.

Monday 25 July 2016

Design in Dublin #3: DCC Beta

Rainbox planter trial by Dublin City Council Beta

Welcome to part #3 of my Design in Dublin series, looking at the work of Dublin City Council Beta as civic design. This follows on from parts #1 and #2, and stay tuned for the fourth and final part. Design in Dublin is published in full in Iterations issue 3, an Irish design journal available from the IDI.

Thursday 21 July 2016

Design in Dublin #2: Framework

A Hidden Rooms workshop hosted by Dublin City Council and PIvot Dublin in 2014

Following on from part #1, which looked at the Dublin Honey Project as an example of agile design in Dublin, here is part #2 of my series of posts on Design in Dublin, this time looking at some of the work being done by Dublin City Council which I class as being responsive design. Design in Dublin is also published in full in Iterations issue 3, available from the IDI.