Friday, 31 July 2009

Denmark's The Spot

Like I said in manifesto I'm in Denmark right now, in Århus, to be exact. Århus is Denmark's second biggest city, situated in East Jutland (the bit that's stuck to Germany, if you're not familiar). It's got a population of about 300,000 people (lots of those are students), a university famed for its architecture and landscaping, an Architecture school, a charming city centre and an Arne Jacobsen-designed City Hall. It's about 50km south of Ebeltoft, Denmark's glassmaking Mecca, and about 100km north of Legoland, possibly one of my favourite places on earth.

The image above is one half of an old local factory sign salvaged by one of my housemates (it's hanging in our kitchen). I really like the typeface used on it, and out of curiosity I uploaded a photo of it to What the Font on and the closest match they could find was Snv D Condensed. If anyone knows where I could download it for free, that would be sweet.