Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Oh! Fringe

In keeping with the 'enjoying Dublin' theme, as that's what I've been doing lately, here's a nod to Absolut Fringe. Now in its fifteenth year, Dublin's Fringe Festival is going from strength to strength, and is fast becoming one of my favourite events here. One of the best additions to this year's line-up has to be Oh! Fringe, published daily over the course of the festival by the people who bring you Oh Francis. Not only have they got great taste in typefaces, but it's a great way of getting up-to-date information, reviews etc AND you can collect all twelve to make a giant Killian Dunne poster. Pictured above is an illustration by Tom Moore for the Oh!Fringe Theatre quarter (also four quarters to collect).

Above is some fringe from Project Arts Centre where I went to see an Aerowaves dance double bill. I really enjoyed Piece by Caroline Simon: a funny, moving, bittersweet solo piece about an ideal world on stage, the very core of a dance performance. A stamp of approval!