Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Super Sweet

Candy Collective started small in 2005 as just one person in Dublin appreciating and promoting creative goings-on. Now it's bigger, better and more international than ever before, with a presence at Electric Picnic, an awesome magazine, a le cool cover competition, and my personal favourite, regular Sweettalk events.

Sweettalk is an opportunity to join Candy in their appreciation of the work of creative types in the form of a lecture in a nice environment with a chilled atmosphere. The next Dublin Sweettalk (there are others in other Irish cities as well as abroad) is going on this Thursday night (22nd October) and features the work of graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, filmmaker David O'Reilly and DJ David Rodigan. I've got my ticket, have you got yours?

Vaughan Oliver has had to cancel, so, the people who brought you The Liberties during the last documentary film festival, Stranger Than Fiction, in the IFI will fill in.