Saturday, 31 October 2009

To Arlene

When not exhibiting at Generation at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, eating biscuits and drinking tea, Arlene Caffrey is flying the flag for the Togher, Co.Louth graphic design scene. In fact, Arlene might be the Togher graphic design scene in its entirety... A recent graduate of DIT's BA in Visual Communication, it's her collection of bespoke beer mats that caught I Like Local*s eye.

The beer mats are designed with Drogheda's watering holes in mind. Each of six happening hotspots in the town have had their very essence pinpointed after months of research and interviews and, I'm sure, many Southern Comforts. Below is the mat designed for Clarke's of Peter Street, illustrating the late Mrs. Clarke's love for barring people (and her walking stick lives above the bar as a reminder to behave yourself):

McPhail's pub is one of the most popular in Drogheda, as reflected by the many (many) customers snapped there for the local papers:

And here's Arlene herself, pictured in McPhail's beer garden: what a star!