Monday, 16 November 2009

Dublin Docklands Double Bill

During Design Week I went on a hardhat tour of The Convention Centre on Spencer Dock, and followed it up with a walking tour of the new bridges in the Docklands area. It was great to see the Convention Centre from the inside out (pretty nice views to be had, almost making up for the awful view of it from the outside), particularly as a work in progress. Alas, we weren't allowed to take photos, so you'll just have to hold a convention in September 2010 to see it yourselves...

The walking tour of the Docklands was also pretty cool, with Susan Cogan of the DDDA (Dublin Docklands Development Authority) telling us the interesting stories behind some of the buildings and bridges in the Docklands area. Best of all, it was a beautifully sunny day (until five minutes after the tour ended, when I got the wettening of a lifetime), and a walk around Dublin couldn't be better than when the sun's out and the air is brisk. All the lovely images are courtesy of Austin Maguire of Ambient Project cos I forgot to charge my camera.