Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tasty Greens

I've eaten at Green Nineteen on Camden St twice in the last couple of months, and twice I've had an Awesome time. Every main course is €10 (so far my favourite is the fish and chips), every dessert is €5 (they had mojito ice-cream the first time I was there - soooo tasty) And they have a nice selection of cocktails, beers and wines. But of course, this being a design blog, there has to be more to Green Nineteen than good food, wine and value for money... and there is: the design and interior is supernice! I'm a big fan of their clipboard menus, and the chairs are as yum as their homemade chips. Even their cutlery and milk jugs are cool. That's some impressive attention to detail. My compliments to the designer!

(image via i can has cook?)