Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Image by Jens Markus Lindhe

On Sunday 24th January Slaraffenklang played in one of the newer branches of Copenhagen's Royal Theatre: Skuespilhuset (The Playhouse). Designed by Lundgaard and Tranberg Arkitekter and completed in 2008, it's won numerous architecture and lighting awards and features in the exhibition on sustainability in the Danish Design Centre.

Image by Philip Kennedy

And it's dreamy. Jutting out over the harbour, you enter the copper-clad glass and brick building via a wooden walkway, giving you great views of the rest of the harbour. It's lit beautifully both outside and in and has a great bar and restaurant area populated with the super comfy Montana chairs pictured above. The whole building is like a super classy Death Star - even the toilets are worthy of Darth Vader. This has to be one of my favourite buildings in Copenhagen - look at it, it's awesome!

(image by Philip Kennedy)