Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Upstart is an opportunity for creativity to be seen, discussed and (hopefully) valued within the Irish state. Creatives in any discipline are invited to submit work which can be printed and distributed around Dublin city in the format of an election poster during the Irish General Election 2011 (while filmmakers, musicians and others can submit work for display on the Upstart website). A positive change in Irish society requires creative thinking and ingenuity. The arts provide inspiration, direction, and commentary; the arts are our solace in times of need. Projects such as Upstart and the wonderful National Campaign for the Arts exist not only to remind the public of this, but to ensure there is adequate support for the arts to ensure their survival in difficult times. The deadline for submissions from artists, designers, writers, filmmakers, musicians, performers and any other creative types who want to get behind this initiative is 4 February, and you can find submission details here: