Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pop-Up Shop

Recently kicked off and running until mid-July, the RHA is now home not only to galleries, art books and coffee, but also to a series of pop-up design shops. Currently residing there is the Irish Design Shop's pop-up shop, and among other products, they're debuting work by Irish furniture designer Adrian Coen and prints by Yellowhammer. Adrian's "Hedgehooks" are a series of bespoke coat hooks made from various native Irish hardwoods sourced in Co. Galway, with a variety of finishes (or unfinishes) applied to them. Yellowhammer (or Alan Nagle, as he's known to his parents) has done a series of brightly coloured, crisp digital prints of Irish birds. They're fab, just look.

The shops will continue to pop-up every couple of weeks until mid-July. Take a look at the RHA website to see who's in the line-up.