Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mag Kiosk

(Image of Mag Kiosk via Visao)

The neighbourhood I live in in Lisbon is called Alcântara, which is a little west of the city centre, right underneath the 25 April bridge. It's a nice neighbourhood, and one of the highlights is a place called LX Factory. LX Factory is a complex of restaurants, bars, shops and studios, so-named because they're housed in former factory buildings. I've been finding myself in LX Factory regularly - mainly to attend dance classes (it's like exercise but not mind-numbingly boring), often to grab a coffee and occasionally to pick up a magazine or two in Mag Kiosk.

Mag Kiosk is housed in a portacabin situated just in the entrance of LX Factory. It's got a great range of Portuguese and international magazines covering art, culture, architecture, design, fashion, technology and probably more. I recently called in to check out what Portuguese publications were covering design and architecture. There are two magazines produced here on the subject - that are stocked in Mag Kiosk, at any rate - called Arqa and Index Newspaper.

In particular, I quite liked Index Newspaper. Not only is it bilingual (which does help), this tri-monthly newsprint magazine produced in Porto is really nicely designed by Porto-based studio Volta. The magazine is laid-out in such a way as to give the content plenty of breathing space, with an emphasis on a great type choice and strong images. The striking cover illustration for issue two (pictured above) is by Miguel Almeida. I'm looking forward to issue three (out in July) already :)