Sunday, 20 May 2012

Patterns on Plates

I've recently had my interest in pattern reignited. Some of this is probably down to the prevalence of prints in a lot of spring/summer collections (and an iPad subscription to Harper's Bazaar to tell me this), and some of it certainly comes from relocating to a city covered in patterned tiles (more on this to come...). I guess patterns provide a unique opportunity to explore colour and form within some sort of a framework: symmetry and repetition underpin everything, and no matter how many shapes, lines, colours or textures you use, ultimately there's a common thread running through. Aspects repeat and things come full circle: you know where you stand with a good pattern.


Catarina Carreiras is a Portuguese-born designer who's worked on a number of projects with and for Fabrica, Benetton's creative lab. One such project, a collaboration with French designer Sam Baron, is Benetton's 2011 home collection. Along with some brightly-coloured cutlery, Carrieras and Baron designed a range of ceramic- and glassware using bold patterns and bright colours. Utilising quite simple, graphic patterns they succeeded in designing a range good enough to eat (off of).

(All images by Gustavo Millon / Fabrica. Styling by Catarina Carreiras and Valentina Carretta)