Thursday, 21 June 2012


In a couple of different shops around Lisbon and Porto I've spotted various beautiful letterpress notebooks. Turns out they're by Lisbon-based designers Serrote, who began making limited edition notebooks back in 2005 with one of Lisbon's remaining printing houses still capable of letterpress printing. Serrote have produced a whole heap of small-run notebooks exploring different patterns and textures, such as Milim├ętrico above (with 1mm lines for those with tiny handwriting) and Bolacha below, based on biscuits. They've also produced some books, including a pixelated illustrated book entitled Minho and a set of 12 postcards should you ever need to send an sms (Serrote Message Service). I haven't bought a notebook yet, as I can't choose which one I want and can't justify buying a whole heap of them, considering I still have a stack of notebooks from Muji and Keep Sketch to get through... As I said above, they're stocked in quite a few places here in Portugal but never fear, Dublin readers: according to their website their work is also stocked in a shop in the Royal Hibernian Way - hooray!

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