Monday, 23 July 2012

Copenhagen Kickstarter

Thanks to a post over on Fast Company I came across MUUSE, a fantastic new fashion site based in Copenhagen. MUUSE is fashion retail with a difference: work from carefully-selected emerging designers can be bought in one of three ways: pre-order, ready-to-wear or tailor-made. Ready-to-wear pieces are stocked and ready for shipping, while tailor-made pieces are produced to your measurements. Pre-order works a little like Kickstarter or Fund It: only when a certain number of people reserve their garment is the piece put into production.

A cool way to kickstart a collection, and a great source of limited-edition pieces, MUUSE already has a great selection of work to choose from. One of my favourite designers on there at the moment has to be Japanese-born Yusuke Maegawa, who combines softly-draped silhouettes with sharp pleating to great effect. His Sleeveless Ruffle Dress and Sleeveless Shirt, both pictured above, are available for pre-order now. If you fancy having something tailor-made, check out Scottish designer David Vallance's work. Pictured below is his simple but striking Gather Dress, made from silk organza and finished with woven cord  wrapped around the waist, a material which acts as a common thread through his collection. Or pick out work by any of the other great young designers: there's loads of them and they're all producing stunning garments :)

(All images via MUUSE)