Friday, 16 November 2012


Image via IAF

Last night saw the launch of Archizines, an exhibition presenting new architectural magazines, journals and independent publications from all over the world. Curated by Elias Redstone and presented in Ireland by the Irish Architecture Foundation and the National College of Art and Design, the exhibition is on opens to the public today in NCAD Gallery, Dublin 8 and runs until 11 January.

Archizines takes a look at new modes of architectural publishing, focussing mainly on small-run independent journals and zines, but also larger publications that have come about since 2000. Originally begun by Redstone as an online project, the exhibition first opened in London a year ago and has toured to some 14 locations worldwide since. Many venues opted to create a new exhibition design for the show, and for the Dublin installment the IAF commissioned the boys from Designgoat to design and build custom tables, benches and armatures to display the 70+ publications included in the exhibition.

This is an exhibition well worth going to visit if you're in Dublin, but be warned - it's not one to quickly pop in and out of. With such a large number of publications on view (as well as video interviews with the editors of many of them to watch) it's an exhibition that deserves spending some time with. I'll certainly be visiting more than once and making a list of publications to seek out future editions of. If you find yourself encouraged to try your hand at creating your own archizine, check out the competition the IAF and NCAD are running to coincide with the show: they are inviting architects, designers, writers, curators, students, anyone with an interest in the spaces that surround us to submit a new archizine by 7 January for a chance to have that zine produced by fab Dublin printers Plus Print. For more info visit the IAF website, and for oodles of inspiration head to NCAD Gallery :)