Friday, 9 November 2012

Seven/Eleven by Keep Sketch

11/11: print by Dave Comiskey based on Spinal Tap, who always believed in turning it up to 11

Seven/Eleven is the latest project from stationery/design/funtimes initiative Keep Sketch and its collaborators. Keep Sketch celebrated this year’s edition of Design Week by assigning each of seven designers and illustrators a date of the festival (5 – 11 November) to base a three-colour archival giclĂ©e print on, with Alex Synge, Fuschia MacAree, Kathi Burke, Stephen Maurice Graham, Dave Comiskey, Mark Crawford and Ross Henderson producing an amazing series. The inspirations - and final prints - are varied, from celebrating the lives and deaths of different prominent figures (or illustrator Kathi Burke celebrating her own birthday on 6 November), portraying the events of interesting dates in history, or simply turning it up to eleven (see above, by Dave Comiskey). All seven awesome prints – produced in editions of 30 – are on display in the Irish Design Shop in the RHA until the end of Design Week (Sunday) and are available to buy for €20 each, which you should because they really are awesome :)

8/11: print by Steven Maurice Graham based on painter and illustrator Norman Rockwell, who died on 8 November 1978

9/11: print by Fuchsia MacAree based on astronomer Carl Sagan, who was born on 9 November 1934

Design Week launched in Dublin Castle last Monday and presents exhibitions, workshops, talks and other events in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Louth until the end of this week, with a few more 'cool down' events continuing until later in the month. For more information visit