Monday, 17 December 2012

So Close by Yellowhammer

Image via Yellowhammer

Yellowhammer, or Alan Nagle as I imagine he's known to his family, is a designer and illustrator based in the midlands. Along with client work Nagle's produced a whole range of beautiful giclée prints, many based on Irish wildlife. Perhaps my favourite so far is called 'So Close', and shows a crafty fox looking to get his paws on an unwitting chicken behind a fence. Like a lot of his work, it's a bright and bold look at the animals we share Ireland with, and this print has particular humour to it, with the fox pacing around while its victim is totally unaware. Though I'm not a country-dweller, my older sister and her family are, and foxes grabbing their chickens are the bane of their country life.When I spotted the print on the wall of the Bow Street branch of the Irish Design Shop, I couldn't help but think of my nephew Charlie getting angry about the bold foxes :)