Monday, 11 February 2013

Fun Makes Good

On a recent trip to Glasgow I made a quick stop in the CCA, Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Arts (here's a blog post). Since I last visited they've given over much of their reception space to a design shop with a really great range of products, textiles, stationery and more. One of my favourite finds there was the range of textiles and tabletop products by Fun Makes Good. Based in Glasgow, Fun Makes Good started out as a studio specialising in textiles, breathing new life into old furniture with bright contemporary upholstery. Employing geometric shapes and patterns, their range has since expanded to include printed fabric cushion covers and ceramic ware, but my favourites are their pouffes and coasters, each employing brightly-coloured triangles to great effect.

In particular, Fun Makes Good have a Pi range that's crossed over from textiles to coasters. Pictured right at the top and just above is Pi, first in Harris tweed and just above in leather, cotton and satin. Directly below is Pi adapted for coasters, and at the very bottom is Pi.ii, another variation on the theme. Available to buy in a number of places in Scotland other than the CCA as well as online, trigonometry never looked so good...

Images via Fun Makes Good