Monday, 4 February 2013

Ovis Tables

Another find at the recent Showcase was Ovis, a new product designed by craftsperson Jamie Lewis and industrial designer Ben Harris. Teaming up following workshops led by the Malthouse Design Centre, they've developed a table made of felt with a wooden top and bottom. Thick undyed felt is rolled into a short column and stitched together using brightly coloured rope. As it's hollow in the middle this table can also provide a little storage. You might be forgiven for thinking a hollow felt column isn't so sturdy, but that's not the case. These tables can support the weight of an adult (as demonstrated by Ben and Jamie below), so the table can double up as an extra seat if it's needed. And with the brightly coloured cotton rope providing a nice visual detail, the tables look minimalist but fun! Keep an eye on for information about when and where the tables are available to buy.

Images courtesy of Ovis Design