Monday, 10 June 2013


MAKLab, based in The Lighthouse in Glasgow, is Scotland's first public digital fabrication studio, allowing low-cost access to otherwise quite costly equipment (along with the training and support to make the most of it) to designers, makers and inventors. Set up with a view to helping people turn ideas into objects and hopefully profit, MAKLab couldn't come at a better time. Since its founding in 2010 the UK has seen continued and significant levels of youth unemployment, but facilities such as MAKLab can help and encourage young people to make new products and develop new businesses. To this end, MAKLab was a finalist for Google's UK Global Impact Award and received £100,000 in prizemoney, which will go towards further developing MAKLab in Glasgow as well as possibly opening MAKLab facilities in other UK cities. Scroll through for more images of their facilities and visit their website to book equipment, events and more.

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