Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Atheists Have Soles

About a year and a half ago a group of religiously uninclined designers and shoe-makers based in Berlin (one of whom is Irish-born David Bonney) exceeded an impressive Kickstarter target and raised over $59,000 to create a range of shoes under the name Atheist. First thinking it would be funny to make shoes for Christians with water in the soles (so they could walk on water...) they then thought it would be more appropriate to create products more in line with their beliefs: believing in nothing. First came a range of low-top smart sneakers in soft leathers and a great range of colours and now they have launched Das Boot: a hi-top sneaker available in petrol blue, mustard yellow and bitter chocolate brown. If the delicious design of these shoes aren't enough to tempt you, maybe you'll be impressed by 10% of Atheist sales going to secular charities (because you don't need a god to be good). See more images below, check out the fab range on their website and keep an eye out for pop-up shops for you to see these tasty specimens for yourself :)

Images via Atheist