Friday, 6 September 2013

Whisky Galore!

On Wednesday night I FINALLY got around to watching Whisky Galore! An Ealing Studios comedy made in 1949, Whisky Galore! is set in the Outer Hebrides northwest of Scotland and tells the story of an island that's run out of whisky and its inhabitants' attempt to steal the spirited contents of a merchant ship that's run aground. It's a pretty charming film (particularly when accompanied by a dram or two) and well worth a watch :) Its most recent re-release was paired with a beautiful DVD cover and poster by London-based Sam Ashby Studio. Clean, bold and crisp in a great colour palette, Ashby's work does the movie real justice, portraying the mammoth task of stealing - and hiding - the whisky and the massive payoff the inhabitants will have if they pull it off. Click through for stills from the movie, including a great shot of the doctor enjoying a dram with his patient. The doctor provides the best lines in the movie, including this gem about a lightweight islander: "It's a well known medical fact that some men were born two drams below par". Now there's some medical advice...

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