Monday, 21 October 2013


Noodge 20 by Typegroup Noodge 80 by Typegroup
Noodge 320 by Typegroup Noodge by Typegroup

Launched at OFFSET2012, TypeGroup is a type foundry from Dublin-based graphic design studio Conor & David. First introducing Orga, followed soon after by Kettle, TypeGroup released their third typeface back in August, named Noodge. Inspired by the work of Wim Crouwel and 8vo and constructed using a modular system, Noodge comes in three styles - 20, 80 and 320 - which are differentiated by how many units are used to create them. Noodge is designed by Steve O'Connell and Simon Sweeney and the pair have created a type family reminiscent of early digital typography but with a fresh feel.

IMRAM billboard by Becca Casey

While some time has passed since Noodge was first launched, I was reminded of it again by the work of third year Visual Communications student Becca Carey, who has used it to great effect in her recent work for IMRAM. IMRAM is an Irish language literature festival which took place in Dublin last week, and to promote the festival IMRAM asked students at DIT to create billboards to feature around the city. 11 were selected for use in the lead up to the festival, including Carey's. Carey takes a quote from a poem called Méanfach by Liam Ó Muirthile and places it on digital signage, suggesting a new way of placing poetry before an audience and attempting to take the poem's chilled-out sentiment (the poet sees a blind man yawn, then yawns himself: he's struck by and adopts the blind man's zen-like attitude) and spread it to others. Noodge is the ideal typeface for the billboard and Carey was delighted to be able to use something homegrown for the project.

IMRAM billboard in situ by Becca Casey

If you like the look of Noodge you can pay to download it from TypeGroup's website with a tweet or Facebook update. And if you like the looks of Becca Carey's work, keep an eye on her growing portfolio over on Behance.