Tuesday, 22 April 2014

LX Type

LX Type, Lisbon's new typeface

Lisbon is a city with a particular look, feel, colour palette and lifestyle: all of it beautiful and warm. One of the many things that gives the city character and charm is the tram system, particularly the old yellow trollies that rattle up and down Lisbon's many hills and through its rambling streets. Inspired not just by the trams themselves but the cables that interrupt the city's blue sky, Lisbon has a new typeface. LX Type is constructed from the tram's cables to create a distinct and individual typeface.

Images of Lisbon's tram cables, from which LX Type is constructed

Supported by Lisbon's city council, you can have a play around with the typeface on their website and download it for free. With each character tied to a place in Lisbon that can be visited by tram, the typeface allows you to create an individual itinerary across the city. Watch the promotional video below: while the voiceover's a bit melodramatic, it shows the city in a great light (figuratively and literally - Lisbon does light better than anywhere else) and if it doesn't have you itching to hop on the next flight there, I don't know what will. Maybe a copy of TILEWATCH...

Image 2 and video via LX Type