Thursday, 10 April 2014

Shape - A Film About Design

Shape, a film about design

Recently launched by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council and made by Scott Burnett and Johnny Kelly, Shape is a short animated film about design aimed at young people. It poses the question 'If, for one day, you had the power to make your world work better, what would you change?' and shows how changing the look, feel, size or form of something - or replacing it with something entirely different - can change your experience of the object itself and maybe even improve your day, your surroundings or your life a little bit. It makes the point that design is everywhere and that it can make a big impact.

Objects are explored in Shape, a film about Design Information is explored in Shape, a film about Design

Buildings are explored in Shape, a film about Design Objects are explored in Shape, a film about Design

Accompanied by a website and a collection of fun gifs (some of which are above), the film will be screened for young people in Dublin and hopefully beyond. As it uses no language it is universally understandable, while Johnny Kelly's simple, clean illustrations and fluid animation make this a clear, appealing and enjoyable film. The accompanying website acts as a jumping-off point for exploring and discussing design, prompting those who use it to learn more about the different people who design things and to question their experiences of objects, information, spaces and more. The website explains:

Design is a simple thing that we can all use. Creative thinking for a practical purpose... It's a bridge between what something is and what it could be. Between the things we make and how we use them. It's not the whole story of the world we make around us, but it's an important part. It's always been there, helping us progress, and making things work better.

Read the website all your like, but don't leave without watching the video. Then show it to all the young people, old people and all the other people around you. Do it. Now!

Gifs and video via MakeShapeChange