Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer Screen Prints

The Royal Tenenbaums by Concepcion Studio, exhibited at Summer Screen Prints
From today until 20 August Londoners who were on-the-ball enough to grab tickets before they sold out (not me) will enjoy new, old and iconic films screened each evening in the courtyard of Somerset House. This is the 10th year that the folks behind Film4 have presented Summer Screen at Somerset House, and to celebrate they've enlisted Print Club London to curate Summer Screen Prints. Summer Screen Prints brings together 16 artists and illustrators to each create a two-colour screen printed poster for a film in the programme, with varied and wonderful results.

Spring Breakers by Hattie Stewart, exhibited at Summer Screen Prints

At the top is The Royal Tenenbaums by ConcepcĂ­on Studios, capturing a photograph of Margot Tenenbaum using a camera shaped like the Tenenbaum house. Above is Hattie Stewart's poster for Spring Breakers, expressing perfectly the wild and whacky tone of one of the oddest and most interesting movies I've seen in recent years. Lastly, at the bottom is my favourite print from the show (which will be coming to a wall near me as soon as I buy a frame...), E.T. by Rose Blake. Exciting and dramatic, yet charming and touching: just like the movie.

Summer Screen Prints runs in the West Gallery of Somerset House daily until 31 August and the prints are for sale in editions of 200. Make sure to call in if you're in the area, especially if you're one of those lucky ticket holders...

E.T. by Rose Blake, exhibited at Summer Screen Prints
Images courtesy of MAY Concepts