Thursday, 30 April 2015

Yes for Love

Yes for Love by Areaman Yes for Love by Jamie Murphy Yes for Love by Niall McCormack
Yes for Love by Lauren O'Neill Yes for Love by John Mahon (The Locals) Yes for Love by Maser
Yes for Love by Milton Glaser Yes for Love by Paul Gately Yes for Love by Lightscape
Yes for Love by Sheena Dempsey Yes for Love by Ciaran Walsh (Sweatshop) Yes for Love by Steve McCarthy

On 22 May Ireland votes on whether or not to change its constitution to enable same-sex marriage, which would take the country a massive step closer to the equality that same constitution speaks of for all of its citizens. The answer is obvious and the opinion polls are in favour of equality, but there is a big difference between having an opinion and getting out and voting. Yes for Love is an online repository of pro-equality avatars by a host of great designers, artists and illustrators that you can choose from to use on your social networks to spread the love. I've picked out just a small selection of them, you can browse through them all and pick your favourite(s) to show that you support equality, whether or not you can vote on 22 May (but this goes without saying: if you CAN vote, then DO vote!)

Pictured above is work by:
Areaman, Jamie Murphy, Niall McCormack
Lauren O'Neill, John Mahon (The Locals), Maser
Milton Glaser, Paul Gately, Lightscape
Sheena Dempsey, Ciaran Walsh (Sweatshop), Steve McCarthy

If equality in Ireland is important to you, you can do some of the following:

a) vote (here's information on who can vote, how to register and more)
b) encourage others to vote
c) donate to the Yes Equality campaign
d) show your support online
e) canvas your local area
f) all of the above

All images via Yes for Love