Thursday, 24 September 2015

Best of Year #6

Ceramic cups by Derek Wilson Disobedient Objects at the V&A, London
'Irish Design' letterpress World's End housing scheme in Chelsea, London

Phew, what a year! What has been a quieter 12 months here on I Like Local has been a crazy one offline: I completed a masters in Curating Contemporary Design, spent six months working in the V&A during its most successful ever exhibition, started writing for Image Interiors & Living and just last week made it out of London. I'm compiling the best posts of Year #6 in location #6 as I've just landed in Copenhagen, which means the coming months are bound to be full of some TASTY design and architecture, hooray! That said, there are still some things I've been meaning to post from my masters, some London things I haven't yet shared and of course, as always, heaps of Irish design, architecture and creativity to talk about. But before I get all those new posts up, here's a look at some of the most popular posts from Year #6, pictured clockwise from the top left above.

Clay Creatives
Posted in August 2014 from London, England
My first ever piece in Image Interiors & Living took a broad look at ceramics in Ireland. It profiles a number of ceramicists in Ireland (and one Irish artist abroad) working across art, craft and design, including Derek Wilson, Jack Doherty, Sara Flynn and Ardmore Pottery.

Designing Disruption/Disrupting Design
Posted in February 2015 from London, England
This is an abbreviated version of one of my masters essays, taking a look at two concurrent design exhibitions in London: the Design Museum's Designers in Residence 2014 and the V&A's Disobedient Objects (which must be one of my favourite exhibitions ever. EVER). While both exhibitions came from different starting points and aimed to communicate different things, both dealt with the relationship between design and disruption, making them an interesting pair.

Social House London
Posted in October 2014 from London, England
Last year's Open House London experience ended up being a bit of a citywide tour of mid-century social housing, which was surprisingly apt, given the housing crisis the city faces and the ever dwindling number of social and affordable units that are built there. Here's a little look at Elephant & Castle's Peronnet House, Tulse Hill's Cressingham Gardens and Chelsea's World's End, three very different but equally striking schemes from the 1960s and 1970s.

Moments in Irish Design History
Posted in May 2015 from London, England
One of the most popular posts EVER on I Like Local was St Patrick's Day's 'Moments in Irish Design History', where I picked ten key things to have happened in Irish design. The opening of the Kilkenny Design Workshops, when Eileen met Zeev, when Philip met Isabella, when Grafton Architects won World Building of the Year... let me know if you think I missed any out...

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