Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sweettalk #39

Sweettalk #39 took place on Thursday in the Sugar Club, and as always it was a pretty enjoyable evening. First up was Andreas Pettersson, a Swedish-born, Dublin-based fashion photographer. He showed some shots from a range of fashion shoots he's done for Image magazine, Brown Thomas and others. And he's handsome. Awesome. Next up were Ivor and Shane, the brains behind For The Love Of, a series of open submission themed exhibitions/arty parties, the latest of which (For The Love Of Change) will open next week in Mill Street Studios. Things kick off on Thursday 4th at 7pm, and for €5 (€2 of which goes to Haiti) you can party your pants off while surrounded by tasty artwork.

(Image via ICAD)

I reckon Candy Collective saved the best til last with Gavin Kelly, creative director of Piranha Bar. Piranha Bar is an animation and post-production dynamo based in Fitzwilliam Square (not just lawyers, it would seem) who are responsible for an awful lot of the impressively animated adverts you see on Irish television, for clients such as VHI, the Irish Times, Today FM, RTE Two and Rice Krispie Squares. Especially Rice Krispie Squares. They've also made a short documentary called Avatar Days which has won a Rushes Soho Shorts Award. Pictured above is a poster made by Gavin which you can buy through ICAD.