Monday, 1 March 2010

Boys and Girls and abgc

love Love LOVE this!! Once upon a time, Boys and Girls advertising agency moved into an old solicitor's office in one of Dublin's many Georgian building on Pembroke Road. It was full of yucky carpets and lame paint colours, so they asked Andrew Brady and Gearoid Carvill of abgc architecture & design to help them make their new home cool and fun. Andrew and Gearoid had a think for a while, and decided to make the place clean, white and sparkling, and make the piƩce de resistance of the office a large handbuilt Lego table. The boys worked really really hard (see below in the time-lapse animation by Cormac Browne), only barely taking time for tea and pizza, and voila! A brand spanking new office, in which Boys & Girls will (hopefully) live happily ever after. The End? I hope not :)

Lego Table - abgc from abgc-android on Vimeo.