Sunday, 25 April 2010


(Image via Camper)

Spanish company Camper make some of the comfiest shoes around, without skimping on character. There's always a nice pair or two to be found in their stores (I think the mens and children's ranges usually come out on top), but it's possibly the stores themselves that are their crowning glory. I've visited a couple branches, most recently the branch in Palma on Mallorca, and rich colours, playful graphics and statement lights almost always feature. Pictured below is their flagship store in Tokyo, which seems to bring together clean Japanese minimalism and Mediterranean liveliness effortlessly. Designed by the Spanish superstar Jaime HayĆ³n, who's been in partnership with Camper for a while now, designing stores as well as shoes, there'll be more about him to come.

(Images via Yatzer)