Monday, 3 May 2010

Looking After Things

Partly because of a conversation I had on Saturday with Aisling from Raindrops on Kittens, and partly because it's been a long time coming, I spent this bank holiday Monday polishing shoes and altering clothes. Above left is my Favourite Pair of Jeans Probably Ever that I'd recently worn a giant hole in. Now they're patched up and ready to face another season. The campers are now freshly waxed, and the brogues are whitened up to a dazzling degree. Below is a pair of jeans that needed taking in at the waist, and while I was at it, I thought I'd shorten them (cue a hemming lesson from my mum). Lastly, the sandals needed some gluing in parts cos the straps were coming apart (I really need to stop buying shoes in Topshop - they cost quite a bit and yet always need repairing so soon after buying them...)

The reason for all the industrious efforts today is that it can be sometimes be tough to find things I really really like, or jeans that fit right, or shoes worth forking out for, so when I manage to find these things, I like to hold on to them. It also seems like these are the kind of skills that people are beginning to value again as our throwaway culture is (hopefully) being thrown away. Which reminds me: must learn how to darn wooly tights before autumn - that cold winter gave all of mine a lot more wear than usual...