Monday, 10 May 2010


Portobello has to be one of the nicest parts of Dublin city, and I would very much like to live there. I had a wander around there the other day, soaking up the prettiness and the sunshine (shortlived as the latter was...) and, among other things, found the following:

Dolls is a clothes shop on the corner of Ovoca Road and Emorville Avenue. There was a great pair of brogues (I thought I took a photo on my new phone, but apparently not. Still coming to grips the phone and and coming to terms with the loss of the photo of the great brogues...) and they were playing Lykke Li when I went in. Dreamy. Also, through the door on the right of the shop is a cafe with seating just outside. I must check out the coffee another day, and will keep you posted on that.

On Lennox Street I came across Red & Grey Design (on the left) and Fuse (on the right). Fuse live in a pretty striking building designed by Box Architecture. When I visited the Fuse website I was particularly charmed by the animation at the start, and timing the screen grabs for the image below was challenging, but I think worthwhile...

Red & Grey, who inhabit a pretty quaint shop space next door, are responsible for quite a few recognisable projects, some of my favourites including the low-relief colouredy collages for this year's Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and the promotional material for an Awesome conference on material culture that went on in NCAD in 2008 called Love Objects:

I'm bound to be doing more skulking around Portobello in the coming weeks, under the guise of someone "house hunting": residents, you have been warned...