Monday, 10 January 2011

Plain Space

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British architect John Pawson is renowned as 'the father of modern architectural minimalism', and a display of his work is currently on show in London's Design Museum. A number of projects by Pawson are expressed by photographs, videos and models, while at the centre of all of this is a 1:1 site-specific installation by the architect (pictured above). Pawson's style is epitomised by the stripping back of any and all superfluous details to create calm, almost meditative spaces, and the work exhibited, and the central installation in particular really communicates this. Another effective part of the exhibition is the section dedicated to Pawson's choice of materials in certain projects (pictured below). It is in itself a paired-back presentation of stone, brass, and wood that has featured in some of Pawson's projects, placed on specially-made douglas fir pallets, matching all the bespoke furniture in the exhibition.

John Pawson, Plain Space runs in London's Design Museum until the end of the month (30th January).

(Image by Gilbert McCarragher)