Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Drawing Fashion

Images via Forever Making Lists and Private

Also showing in the Design Museum right now is Drawing Fashion, an exhibition charting the development of fashion illustration over the last century or so. It's a well-designed show with a great selection of beautiful illustrations from 1920s Vogue covers by LePape (above left), 60s and 70s illustrations by Antonio (above right is for Karl Lagerfeld) through to contemporary representations of fashion by Mats Gustafson (below), Francois Berthoud (bottom) and others. You can't help but notice how fashion illustration is a medium that can express a mood or atmosphere as adeptly as fashion photography. In fact, in the way that photography can realistically represent colour, fabric, form and so on, illustration is liberated; and judging by what's on display in the Design Museum, can elevate itself to an art form of its own, almost independent of the fashion it attempts to describe.

Image via Art Lies

Image via Design Talks

Drawing Fashion continues in London's Design Museum until 6th March.