Monday, 9 April 2012

Martí Guixé

While reading a recent-ish issue of Icon Magazine I came across the work of Martí Guixé for the first time. This Catalan 'ex-designer' has for over 14 years been exploring one of the world's biggest mass-produced products: food. Through exhibitions, installations, conceptual projects and prototypes, all gathered together in the 2010 publication Food Designing from Corraini Edizioni, Guixé has reimagined how food is composed, presented and ultimately designed.

Pictured above is Guixé's I-cakes, which are cakes iced in such a way as to show the exact proportion of each of the cake's ingredients, presenting those proportions as a physical pie-chart and turning decoration into information. Below is Guixé's flavoured stamp, using the flavour(s) of the imagery on the stamp to return us to the days when we had to lick stamps to affix them - in the best way possible.

Perhaps my favourite of Guixé's projects is the cava target, pictured above. Fully embracing the cava cork as a projectile, Guixé feels this is an item that would prove particularly useful in his hometown, as F.C. Barcelona 'is always winning'. It's an item I'd certainly like to own as I begin testing and tasting Portuguese espumante :)

(All images by Inga Knölke)