Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Yellow Renovation

When recently combing through my Twitter favourites (to say they'd gotten unruly is an understatement) I came across this project - a rather apt apartment conversion in Portugal. Designed by architects Pedro Varela and Renata Pinho, the Yellow Renovation does just that - an apartment is transformed primarily by a custom-built large yellow unit which acts both as storage and space divider. Though it's definitely loud, when paired with the grey rubber flooring, the white of the other walls and the glass divider in the kitchen space I think it works well.

Loud colours in the homeplace may well be a popular motif over here - when looking for an apartment I saw A LOT of spaces featuring garish green, orange and pink walls. The Yellow Renovation takes this Portuguese penchant for bright colour and makes it work an awful lot better than most other examples I've seen while trawling through Airbnb and others. The subtle and irregular circular holes in the cupboard doors serve to break up the yellow, and bring a little added character to the otherwise clean, sharp unit. A job well done, I think!

(All Images by José Campos)