Thursday, 2 August 2012

Best of 2012

So we've made it to the present! The beginning of 2012 was spent in Dublin, the middle in Lisbon and the end... location tbc. See below for the highlights of 2012 so far and see you next week for the beginning of the rest of the year :)

Design and Healthcare
Posted in March 2012 from Dublin, Ireland
Another article for Architecture Ireland magazine, this post takes a look at a less well-known but very significant part of design in Ireland: medical devices and other aspects of healthcare.

OFFSET2012 Part 1
Posted in March 2012 from Dublin, Ireland
The third edition of Ireland's premier creative festival was my first time to attend. Three days of world-class speakers and fascinating discussions on design, advertising, creativity and more left my mind positively blown. Can't wait til next year.

Mr. Spoqui - A Family Zine
Posted in June 2012 from Lisbon, Portugal
One of my favourite design finds in Lisbon to date has been Mr. Spoqui, a family zine that I've since contributed to.

Orfeu Negro & Orfeu Mini
Posted in June 2012 from Lisbon, Portugal
Along with wine and pastries, the Portuguese really know how to produce great-looking books. One such publisher is Orfeu Negro, whose children's books are published by their Orfeu Mini wing. Tasty stuff.

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