Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How To Say The Most With The Least

Recently showing at London's Kemistry Gallery was 'How to say the most with the least', an exhibition of work produced in a collaborative 6-day workshop in São Paulo run by Brazilian studio Mesa & Cadeira and led by British designer Anthony Burrill. The result of the workshops was a series of bi-lingual posters employing some of Burrill's trademark simplicity and minimal use of language to create strong messages. As someone having to come to terms with Portuguese, I was particularly interested when I came across this project. The workshop participants have explored the language barrier between English and Portuguese and found bridges between the two languages, creating a series of work that plays with (twice as many) words to great effect. Scroll down for some lessons in Portuguese... and life, judging by some of the statements in the posters :) A set of 12 prints as well as individual prints are available to buy from Kemistry's online shop.

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