Thursday, 9 August 2012

You Are Here

Vanessa and Andreas from New Zealand and Denmark

Since 27 July I've been watching and reading about the Olympics on a daily basis. Other than the spectacle of it all, I suppose there's something cool about this being a major event not only here in Portugal but at home in Ireland too (as well as everywhere else). For the same reason I took a much bigger interest in Euro 2012 than any previous tournament, and about the same amount of interest in the Eurovision as usual (a lot). So now onto the Olympics, which I have fairly well covered between Eurosport, live streams and twitter. This post would have been drafted a little sooner only I was hypnotised by the men's Horizontal Bar final: they just kept swinging round and round and round...

USA basketball player Tyson, looking for clothing shop Hostem

One of my favourite Olympic-related finds is You Are Here, a tumblr page from the people at advertising agency Mother London. Mother has teamed up with artist and photographer Caroll Taveras to find those who are lost in East London help them find their way - not without documenting (and feeding and watering) them first. You Are Here is a beautiful collection of portraits of spectators and athletes, visitors and locals, and those looking to find somewhere to eat, meet or otherwise explore the city. I'm looking forward to seeing the project grow over the course of the Games.

Ni from Luxembourg (a badminton player), looking for Brick Lane

Aleksandes of Latvia's beach volleyball team (who placed 9th) looking for Shoreditch House
(All images via You Are Here)