Thursday, 27 December 2012

Frida Kahlo Dolls

I spent some time at the recent Christmas Cracker in Smithfield hawking TILEWATCH to whoever I could. When not selling my ware (singular) it was great to take a look around the many stalls and see what fantastic food, clothing, accessories, furniture, books and Christmassy stuff people had to offer. One of the coolest things I spotted was the range of Frida Kahlo dolls made by textile designer Guadalupe Cabrera. Cabrera had a whole range of pieces handmade in Dublin, such as quilted and appliqué cushions, baby bonnets, Christmas angels, wall-mounted pieces and more, but it was the Kahlo dolls that shone above all others. Made to include the bright colour, floral headdresses and monobrow associated with the Mexican artist, the dolls are such unique objects, and ideal for any art-lovers out there :)