Friday, 4 January 2013


It may not seem it as I haven't posted about it so far, but I've been admiring the work of Irish design studio Klickity for quite a while now. They kicked off their range with a number of products cleverly using lightweight easy to process materials such as polypropylene and cardboard, but more recently they've been doing some interesting things with wood and other materials.

Pictured above are their recently-launched range of Tilt tealight holders, which sandwich bright acrylic between sheets of alder wood. The material combination is great, bringing warmth and character, while the simple forms have immediate appeal. Below is their Fruit Block, an interesting alternative to the standard bowl full of apples and oranges. A birch ply block with 9 holes, its top surface painted in a range of bright, glossy colours, provides a base upon which to stack your stock of fruit in a way that allows for plenty airflow. So not only does this look cool, but it keeps your fruit in better shape for longer :)

Klickity's products - both theses and many others - are stocked in a number of design retailers in Dublin and further afield, and they're available to drool over and buy over on their website. Get klicking!

All images via Klickity