Monday, 7 January 2013

Alljoy Design

Alljoy Design is a studio run by Chinese couple Ling and Jiawen Xu in Dublin, specialising in fantastic laser-cut creations. The first piece of theirs I came across was their intricate Dublin map (pictured at the bottom), a large laser cutting in coloured card of the city's iconic buildings and winding, meandering streets. Much of their work since then has been more crisp and pattern-based, with a range including tabletop objects, stationery and greeting cards. Perhaps my favourite of Alljoy's products are their felt placemats and coasters (which include some Christmassy ones I got my mum this year). The brightly coloured patterny goodness is not only attractive but functional too, as felt is highly heat-resistant making it the ideal material to use between your table and hot dishes and mugs. Sometimes grounded in geometry, sometimes inspired by botanic forms, the range is always bright and fun.

New additions to Alljoy's wares are a range of notebooks with graphic laser-cut covers. Pictured above, each notebook's cover is a cutout of an owl, with the brightly-coloured inner cover peeking through. The notebooks, along with all the other joyful Alljoy products, are available in all your favourite design shops such as the Irish Design Shop, Industry, Designist and others.