Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Recycled Bags by Alkemi

Shoulder bag made from recycled tyres designed by Alkemi
Recently Dublin got itself a new shop specialising in a variety of products, gifts and jewellery designed and/or made in Ireland in the form of Mayfly in Temple Bar. While browsing through the vast amount of stuff they're selling online as well as in store I came across Irish-based designers Alkemi. Alkemi take materials that may otherwise end up in a landfill such as rubber tyres, seatbelts, newsprint, plastics and more and recycle them to make a range of bags and other accessories. The results are great: ranging from items that look quite industrial such as the tyre-turned-shoulder bag pictured above and the rubber iPad sleeve below to chic accessories like the handbag made from recycled plastics at the bottom, Alkemi's products take upcycling away from its sometimes naff origins (stonewashed patchwork denim bag, anyone?!) to make ethical, stylish and affordable products. See more over on their website and get buying over on Mayfly.

iPad sleeve made from recycled tyres designed by Alkemi

Shoulder bag made from recycled newsprint and seatbelts designed by Alkemi

Handbag made from recycled plastics designed by Alkemi
Images via Mayfly and Boutiqua