Friday, 5 July 2013

Suri Collection by Pedro Gomes

Portuguese designer Pedro Gomes has just launched the Suri Collection - a set of six chairs, each with a subtle difference. By utilising a combination of woods, fabric colours and treatments, supports and legs, Gomes gives each chair in the Suri Collection a different look, feel and character. The chair's two upper components - a round back and a seat which curves up elegantly on either side to create arms - are created using various wood laminates and are upholstered differently for each chair in the collection. These components sit on top of a variety of different legs, my favourites being the wooden ones pictured further below. Gomes has plans to further develop the collection for use in the work environment, and I'll be curious to see what adaptations are made to the chairs for the workplace. Have a scroll through the images to see which one's your favourite, and find out more at

Images courtesy of Pedro Gomes