Monday, 26 May 2014

Mirimalism - the Photography of Miri Berlin

Untitled, taken in Holon by Miri Berlin

Berlin-based photographer Miri Berlin does an envious amount of travelling, taking photos of architecture and cities around Europe and even further afield in Japan and Israel (where she is originally from). With a keen eye for the beauty of minimalist and Brutalist architecture and the patience to wait until the sun comes out before she takes a photo, Miri's work is bright and bold, but with a quiet confidence and a calm feel. My favourite collection of hers is 'Mirimalism', her shots of minimalist or Brutalist architecture cropped to let in the vast blue sky above. Click through to see more (do it! They're fab!) and keep an eye out on Miri's website for upcoming work exploring Berlin, Tel Aviv and the city of Sarajevo.

Concrete Love, taken in Tokyo by Miri Berlin

Out of the blue, taken in Lisbon by Miri Berlin

Untitled, taken in Berlin by Miri Berlin

Untitled, taken in Santiago de Compostela by Miri Berlin

Untitled, taken in Tel Aviv by Miri Berlin

Images via Miri Berlin