Thursday, 24 December 2009

a shop

Sorry for not giving you the heads up. It took a while to get in, and the first time, I forgot my camera. Then it took another while, and I got in, camera in hand, and it was the 2nd last day. So if you're hearing about a shop for the first time, then sorry, you've missed it. But you can find it online!

...In case that wasn't clear (and let's be honest, it really wasn't that clear), a shop is a pop up shop that has resided on South William Street for the month of December. It closes on Christmas Eve (tomorrow/today) and, for now anyway, it will reside online. Run by brothers Jonathan (who brings the design) and Mark (who brings the business) a shop is/was a place to buy simple tasty Irish and International design. Below are some of my favourites instore (and might I say, the store was really lovely).